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Street and houses


There are many opportunities to find all kinds of accommodation in Vaggeryds municipality. You can choose to live centrally in the urban areas, close to public transport and services, or closer to nature and more secluded, in our beautiful countryside.

There are often queues and normally there are many interested parties when it comes to houses and land for sale. Many people want to live in Vaggeryd municipality.

Living in an apartment


In Vaggeryd, Skillingaryd, Hok and Klevshult there are rental apartments. Rental apartments are available in Vaggeryd, Skillingaryd, Hok and Klevshult. Contact the respective landlord to join the queue. The municipal housing company VSBo aims to help people who have found a job within the municipality and need to move here in order to work.

In Vaggeryd and Skillingaryd, there are also cooperative apartments being sold through real estate agents.

Living in a house

Children and a cat

If you want to live in a house, you can purchase a house that is for sale, rent a house if you come across the opportunity, or build a house if you purchase land or a building plot.

Contact an estate agent

Contact one of the estate agents Länk till annan webbplats. if you are interested in buying a house or apartment in Vaggeryd municipality.

Build a house

The municipality has building plots for sale in Skillingaryd, Hok and Klevshult, and several plots are being developed in Vaggeryd and Byarum.

If you wish to buy a plot from the municipality, you will first need to book it. Before you buy the plot, you must then apply for a building permit. Booking a building plot for six months costs SEK 5,000.

There are also private landowners in the countryside who can sell land if you wish to build a house there.

Contact the municipality if you wish to book a building plot and receive more information about building permits for small houses:

Tel: +46 370-67 81 66


More information in Swedish available at Länk till annan webbplats.

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