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Children in preschool

School and childcare

In Vaggeryd municipality, you will find preschools, compulsory schools, upper secondary school and vocational training. If you are new in Sweden, you can learn Swedish (Swedish For Immigrants) at Fenix kultur- och kunskapscentrum in Vaggeryd.


Vaggeryd municipality is home to a number of preschools and recreation centres, located in Vaggeryd and Skillingaryd as well as Klevshult, Bondstorp, Byarum, Hok, Svenarum and Tofteryd.

All children living in Sweden are entitled to attend preschool 15 hours per week if the parent is unemployed or on parental leave with siblings. From 1 September of the year the child turns 3, they are entitled to 15 hours per week. If you work, your children can attend preschool for the entire duration of your working hours.

Upper secondary school


Once pupils have completed their compulsory schooling, they are able to attend upper secondary school. The vast majority of people in Sweden do.

At upper secondary school, pupils can take higher education preparatory programmes or vocational programmes. In Vaggeryd, the upper secondary school is located in Fenix kultur- och kunskapscentrum. Young people can also apply to upper secondary schools in Jönköping or Värnamo.

Adults who have not attended upper secondary school can attend upper secondary education as an adult.

Adult education and Swedish For Immigrants

The adult education in the municipality of Vaggeryd is located in Fenix kultur- och kunskapscentrum. Education on different levels is offered, from secondary school to higher vocational education.

The different educations on offer:

  • Adult Secondary School
  • Education for Adults with Learning Disabilities
  • Adult Upper Secondary School
  • Swedish For Immigrants (SFI)
  • Commissioned education
  • Higher Vocational Studies

Contact Fenix for information about upper secondary school and adult education

Phone: +46 (0)393-67 87 00

Visit: Verner Malmstens väg 1, Vaggeryd

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